Accessing a 4 digit pin through google conversations?



Hi, i was trying to eliminate dialogflow as a man in the middle and just use jovo and google conversational actions together. the issue i’ve been facing is that we need to expect a 4 digit pin from the user, which when using dialogflow and user says “start 1 2 3 4”. the slot used to take 1234 as a value but with by using (“googleAssistant”: “actions.Type.Number”) as a Type instead of (“dialogflow”: “@sys.number-sequence”). Google conversational actions doesn’t pickup “1234” or doesn’t map to that particular intent. Please Help!

Here is sample intent code that we used
“name” : StartEngineWithPin,
“phrases” : [
“inputs” : [
“dialogflow”: “@sys.number-sequence” //“googleAssistant”: “actions.Type.Number” is being used currently

Thank you.


Hi @Akhil, welcome to the Jovo community :tada:

Can you share the request JSON?