Account linking with Alexa and Auth0 not working in local debugger



Hello, I do account linking with an Alexa app and Auth0, everything works fine in the Alexa console, I get my token, but when I try it in the Jovo debugger, it’s not giving me the token. I really don’t know what’s going on, because I don’t even know how to use the invocation name in the Jovo debugger, I have to click the LAUNCH button in order to open the skill, because if I type “open test app” I get no response.
Anyway, the point of the question is how can I get my Auth0 token when I’m in the Jovo debugger?


Thats not possible with the debugger out of the box.
You need to invoke the skill via Alexa console, retrieve the token from the request (.getAccessToken())and then “mock” it with .setAccessToken(). The token usually is valid for some time so you can use it for testing. If its not valid anymore you need to repeat the steps.


Thank you.