Add Permissions under manifest in skill.json


I want to allow my alexa skill to aquire country and postal code permission from the user, for that I need to add the relevant permissions under manifest object in my skill.json file. But I do not know the valid value to use for this permission. I have tried this :

"permissions": [
				"name": "alexa::device:all:address:country_and_postal_code:read"

and got this error

String instance at property path "$.manifest.permissions[0].name" has invalid enum value: "alexa::device:all:address:country_and_postal_code:read"

Can anyone tell me the relevant value for this permission.


Here you got the valid permission values, check if it’s the correct one, if it is there may be something else happening.

Permissions Reference - Manifest Schema


Looks like a typo.

Based on @Jesus_Mazzei 's link it’s alexa::devices:... not alexa::device:...

Here’s the full permission value:


Thanks, actually I did it by using the ASK developer console and then using jovo reverse build.