[Alexa] [APL] Play Video when mic is on, pause when mic is off



I want to play a video on the Device screen when the user is talking, that is when the mic is on and when mic goes off, that is when Alexa is talking I want the video to pause.

The video I want to play is kind of a gif, no sound.

Any Idea how can it be done using APL and jovo.

I am able to play the video using APL but not sure how to control play/pause for my requirement.


I think I have found a solution using SpeakItem command, but I have to keep half of my utterance in this.ask() and other half in the SpeakItem, otherwise alexa just quits the session. The utterance doesn’t feel very natural in this case.

Any other solutions, or any way I do not have to use the ask method? That is how to keep the session active without using ask method?