Alexa code to dialogflow fulfillment


Hello ;
I import my alexa skills to dialogflow project, but i don’t have response in my intents no fulfilment
how can i use the same code or the same fulfillment !
thank you


You also might want to do what I’ve sometimes done when I’ve been stuck: download one of the samples that runs in both environments, and follow along with the tutorial to get that running, then compare that code and how it is run with what you’ve been doing for your own project. You do need to do some parallel coding to support both environments; I’m hoping someday Jovo will be able to completely hide those differences, but it isn’t able to do so yet.

I based my own code on the Jovo Podcast Player sample, which does illustrate how to have the same back-end service support both Alexa and Google Home, so I was able to use that as a template while figuring some of this out. There may be better examples, depending on exactly what your skill is trying to do.

Also, remember that Alexa and Google Assistant have some serious differences in what they handle internally vs. what they generate events for – and apparently in which events they generate (prefixless Next is coming through as NextIntent on Alexa, but as GoogleAction.Finished on Google, and I haven’t figured out what prefixless Previous triggers if anything).