Alexa dialog delegation from one intent to another does not work


I have two intents that work in the following way

Intent A - user invokes using a message.
Intent B - is a dialog intent on the count of items

The conversation goes like:
User: Do you have item A
Intent A handler: Yes, we have the item. Would you want me to place an order
User: Yes
Intent A: redirect to Intent B, like this.toIntent(‘B’)
Intent B: checks ‘this.$alexaSkill.$dialog.isCompleted()’, if not, invokes this.$alexaSkill.$dialog.delegate(); and post this, requests a elicitSlot(‘count’, ‘how many would you like’);

But the Alexa dialog interface does not take over until all the slots are filled. Even if I invoke elicitSlot, it does not come back to my intent, since the YesIntent does not have the corresponding ‘count’ slot

What is the right way to delete to an intent that also has to handle the dialog?