Alexa Skill Events: Jovo build does not replace webhook placeholder



Hi there!

I like to test the skillevents towards my local dev webhook and I tried to setup skill events in my manifest like this:

manifest: {
 events: {
  endpoint: {
   uri: '${JOVO_WEBHOOK_URL}'

The problem is, when I do a jovo build -p alexaSkill --stage local in the created skill.json there is still the ${JOVO_WEBHOOK_URL} as actual value to the uri property instead of my debugger webhook uri.

During jovo build this should be replaced.

Could you please look into this?



Thanks for flagging, will take a look! cc @rubenaeg


Hey @dominik-meissner,

thanks for bringing this up, will publish a fix asap!


@dominik-meissner After the fix you should add "sslCertificateType": "Wildcard" to the endpoint object.

"endpoint": {
   "uri": "${JOVO_WEBHOOK_URL}",
   "sslCertificateType": "Wildcard"


cant we use the same routine as for the actual skill endpoint?
a https URL will trigger the addition of sslCertificateType itself?
I on my dev or production stage it will be a lambda of course so i am not allowed to have this property there.


Yes, it will be the same routine. Will publish the update later today…