Alexa Skill Info Deployment without status or error messages


Hi Community @jan @AlexSwe ,
we frequently update our project.js to improve the deployment process. When deploying skill infos we get no errors if something goes wrong (or a success message otherwise). So after updating we have to randomly search the error.

So after running:
jovo deploy -t info
the cli (Version 3.2.1) is always showing “skipped” as status (although you can see that it is waiting for a response from the ask cli).

We use ask cli version 2.2.0 which is running the async command:

  • ask smapi update-skill-manifest ...

Jovo should watch for a success message via:

  • ask smapi get-skill-status ...

and it looks like it does. But finally the process status jumps to skipped without reflecting it.
It would be realy good if jovo would forward errors messages received by the ask cli.

The ask cli shows error messages in this format:



Thanks @Andre, this is helpful for our v4 CLI. cc @rubenaeg