Alexa skill reponse error with INVALID_RESPONSE



hi everyone, i am using jovo to build skill. When I was playing the game on the device, the game stopped and I got an error like is: Certificate for <> doesn’t match any of the subject alternative names: [, *] for requestId:
Although in the application I do not use them. Does anyone know how to fix it? I sincerely thank you


Hi @DungLe. Welcome to the Jovo Community.

I’ve never seen this error before.

  • Can you reproduce it?
  • Is it running on Lambda?


Yes, my application is running on lamda,

and this is the error i see on cloudwatch


In which “state” do you get the error? Right after the request? Do you make any API calls?


After I start the app, the application asks and I respond back. Now this error appears and application freeze.


And there’s no request payload logged?

Did it work before? Did you change something in your code or your configuration?

Could you try to set up a new Lambda function? It doesn’t look like it’s Jovo related. But we’ll see :smiley: