Alexa Skills Kit Chrome Plugin with Multiple Languages



Has anyone tried to use the Alexa Skills Kit Chrome Plugin for the Alexa Simulator when you are testing a skill in multiple languages? I have a skill that is supported in multiple languages and when I click the “+” to save an utterance as a button, it adds several copies of itself. If I then try to delete one of them, they all go away.

Similarly, if I hit the repost button, it executes the command several times.

All of this functionality works fine for me with a single language skill, leading me to believe that there may be a bug in the plugin when multiple languages are in the test list.



Hey @Ben_Hartman. I can reproduce a similar behavior. Does it also happen after reloading the page after you have changed the language?

  1. Language is set to EN
  2. Switch to DE
  3. Reload Page
  4. Type something and click on +

That works as expected.

Seems like there’s a bug in the language switcher functionality. Will look into it.


@AlexSwe, you are correct. If I reload the page, it seems to work ok for the currently selected language. For now, I’ll use this method as a workaround with my testing.

Thanks for the reply and for looking into it.


Yes, thats happens to me also once in a while. But as Alex wrote, reloading solves the issue.
It seems like a display bug, so I just ignore it.
As you experienced, if you delete one of them, both get deleted, so just don’t delete duplicates, just ignore then until they are gone the next reload.