$alexaSkill.$audioPlayer.play won't start Audio-Playback [solved]



I’m trying to start an mp3-audio-stream (reachable via https) directly with the lauch-intent.
Upon the first launch-intent the audio is loaded, but playback does not start automatically, no matter if I set playbehavior to “REPLACE_ALL” (which is the default) or not.
On subsequent launch-intents, audio will start playing if (and only if) it has been manually started art least once before the new launch-intent.

It seems as if there is something missing to completely setup the $audioPlayer-Object in jovo.
What am I missing?

Any advice would be appreciated …


A few things for troubleshooting:

  • Did you enable the “Audioplayer Interface” in the Alexa Developer Console?
  • Can you share the code you’re using?
  • Can you share the link to the audio you’re using?


Thanks, Jan!
My fault - I didn’t enable the Audiolay-Interface in Amazon Dev Console …
That’s why this skill didnt behave like expected on a real device.

But that strange behaviour in Jovo-Debugger stays the same: On the first launch-intent the AudioPlayer-Object is loaded and the connection to the mp3-stream established.
To actually initiate playback, I have to push the “play”-button of the embedded player in the debugger. On consecutive launch-intents, the player starts playing without this additional interaction (and that’s what I expected to happen).

My code is pretty straightforward:

.play(streamData.streamUrl, streamData.streamToken, “REPLACE_ALL”);

with streamData.streamUrl being ‘https://tracking.neuland.br.de/file/1699141/c/website/unverbindlichkeit-fuer-immer-vielleicht.mp3’ and streamData.streamToken = ‘stream_01’

As said: The code works - except for the first start of the audio player - this has to be initiated by the user (at least in the debugger ;-))

Once again: Thanks for pushing me in the right direction!