All available parameters for "project.js"



Is there a full and complete list of all possible parameters of the project.js for the current version? (alexaSkill and googleAction (Conversational Action))


Did you check project.js?


Yeah i did and i found, that jovo overrides parts of the skill.json with the content of the project.js. So i guess by copying the content of the skill.json to project.js i got all possible configuration options for Alexa.

But i still dont know what exactly is exprected in the “googleAction”-Parameter for Google Conversational Actions. For example Informations like desriptions, or images, or contact details …


Did you check here?


Thank you that is what i was looking for.

Do you know how i can reference a already uploaded image with “smallLogoImage”?
How can i set “Additional invocation phrases”, “Category” and the other “Additional Information”?


As mentioned in the docs, you can basically add any properties you can find in the .yaml files of your action to the project.js, I’m not sure where the properties you listed need to be placed. If you’re not sure as well, you can jovo get your action to your Jovo project and look for the desired config.


Good Idea!

But i cant download it. As of the Dokumentation i would try jovo get googleAction --project-id .... Is there a way to specify to download from google conversational action not from dialogflow? Is Google Conversational Action supported with that command atm?


I was able to download the google conversational action with GActions CLI. Command was gactions pull --project-id ....

Thanks for your help!


Hm, it should be possible if you don’t specify the nlu property in your project.js for googleAction. But glad you got it to work nonetheless.