Amazon GameOn SDK integration for Alexa



Have any of you used the Amazon GameOn SDK for alexa with jovo? I am interested in implementing a leaderboard for a game and i read about a GameOn Skill kit that is currently in beta version.

Could this be used with jovo?

Thanks in advance


@Florian shared an example on GitHub:


Wow, awesome. I didn’t find this with google. Thank you!


Hello @Florian, i’ve been reading your tutorial and i was wondering if you knew a way to initialize players with name. I have been searching for a method that allows me to register the player in the leaderboard with a given name but i have not been able to find anything about it.

do you know if there is a way to archieve this? The players get registered in the leaderboard with a random name.

There is an option to register a player with a random profile generator but it’s not quite what i am looking for.