Any change, it always old skill running


i have set skill id to “” , but each time launch, always call old skill.
can you help ?

	"deploy_settings": {
		"default": {
			"skill_id": "",
			"was_cloned": false


Why would you set a skill id to ""?
I’d say it’s a required param


i would like create new skill from jovo. because i dont know why it link with other skill already develop.
so in my mind I think , if i set empty, it will create a new ?


You have to create a new Skill then in the developer console or via the ASK SDK.

To use Jovo and deploy you have to have a Skill/Action ID already and therefore to get this ID you have to create a Skill.

Also why don’t you create a complete new Skill there, already configure your Utterances, Slots, and Intents as well as the distribution settings and migrate them to Jovo? It’s way easier since you can just do this in a Web GUI during in Jovo you’d have to configure this as a JSON?


do you mean with

  1. create skill in alexa console.
  2. create slot and utterance ?
  3. make jovo get ( to retrieve interaction model )
  4. and last jovo build --reverse ( for convert alexa to jovo model ? )


if 4) is jovo build --reverse then this is exactly what I was talking about