Assigning different voices to different characters


Hello everyone. I am novice voice app developer trying to create a game wherein about 4 -5 characters are involved. I want to assign unique voices to each character. How can I do so in alexa and google assistant? Can you please share some examples?


Hi @Vivek! Welcome to the Jovo Community

For Alexa Skills you can use the voice-SSML tag.

Here’s an example from the SSML reference page:

    Here's a surprise you did not expect.  
    <voice name="Kendra"><lang xml:lang="en-US">I want to tell you a secret.</lang></voice>
    <voice name="Brian"><lang xml:lang="en-GB">Your secret is safe with me!</lang></voice>	
    <voice name="Kendra"><lang xml:lang="en-US">I am not a real human.</lang></voice>.
    Can you believe it?

Unfortunately, there’s no such SSML-Tag for Google Actions. If your content isn’t dynamic, you could use pre-generated TTS audio files from any TTS provider.


I was wrong, there is a <voice>-tag, but it’s in beta.


Thanks a lot @AlexSwe !!