Audioplayer does not update the metadata



Hi all!
I have a problem regarding the metadata update with audioplayer.
I set up the audioplayer as follows:

.play(_streaming, ‘token’);

The titlePlayer and contentPlayer variables change based on what the user requests. From the logs the two varibials are marked correctly but on the echo spot I do not update them.
What could be the problem? Should I use the audioplayer metadata differently?



Hey @Ire

The snippet looks good. Is this just an issue on the Echo Spot? We experienced different behavior of the AudioPlayer on different devices. (like time of receiving PlaybackNearlyFinished etc)

Could you test it on a different device?


Hi @AlexSwe,
I had also tried from the mobile through the amazon alexa app and in that case the metadata was updated correctly.


That’s what I unfortunately assumed :confused:

Maybe, there’s a workaround. Have you had issues like that @dominik-meissner ?


That is nothing i have seen before. The Echo Spot is not sold anymore and i guess out of support. So i would not put much effort in fixing that. Did you check on other Alexa devices?


With the screen unfortunately I only have the one available for now. I didn’t really know it was out of production.