Automated end-to-end flow tests for Google Assistant



Hi everyone!

We were wondering if some of you have experience with automated end-to-end flow tests for Google Voice Assistant which can handle account linking. Our Node.js Jovo app runs on Cloud Run which Dialogflow calls through a webhook. We want to test our flows but our intents can only be used when the user’s account is linked.
Testing libraries we found and their problems:

  • The Jovo unit tests skip the Google Actions & Dialogflow layer
  • The recommended Google Actions testing library* apparently does not support account linking nor Dialogflow
  • We also have troubles with account linking when following this example, which skips the Google Actions layer

If you have any suggestions that might help to automate testing our conversation flows, please share them :pray:


*Github: actions-on-google/assistant-conversation-testing-nodejs (I could only use up to 2 links in this post)


Hi @Elisa_Lecluse, welcome to the Jovo community! :tada:

That’s true, we don’t provide end-to-end tests out of the box. Our teammate @rubenaeg worked on a project like this for his bachelor’s thesis, but we haven’t integrated this into the Jovo tooling. Seems about time!

Might Bespoken be interesting for your use case?