AWS Lex integration



Is there a way both Alexa and AWS-Lex can use the same AWS lambda function? the current aws-lex documentation is not very clear.


const { LexSlu } = require(‘jovo-slu-lex’);

new LexSlu({
credentials: {
region: ‘yourRegion’,
secretAccessKey: ‘yourSecretAccessKey’,
accessKeyId: ‘yourAccessKeyId’

Not sure about how to create “platform” object also not sure about how to build and deploy for lex.

Can you please provide more details.



Thanks for flagging. You’re correct, we need to get better here.

Could you tell me which platform you want to use this information with?

Here are a few examples that might be helpful (but use our NLP.js integration, working on the docs as we speak)


Thanks for the response @jan.

I’ll check the links and see if I can use details from there.

We are planning to develop a chatbot for a website, the chatbot will also have option to directly talk with the human agents.

So we are planning to use AWS Lex and Amazon connect together, we will add AWS Lex to Amazon connect, for the first few messages AWS Lex will work and if no intent matches with the user request or user asks to talk with human agent it will initiate chat support with the human agents using the AWS Connect.

Thank to your team for building great Jovo framework, we are able to develop for Alexa and Google home, so I’m trying to see if I can use the same language model and Lambda function for AWS-Lex too.


Oh, you will like what we launch in October! We’ll have an updated web integration for you.

Until then, best thing to do is probably use our Core Platform.


Ok thanks for the information.