Caching Troubles



Hi All.

I am using Google CMS in private mode. Everything works great when I’m developing locally but as soon as I push to Lamda I’m encountering problems with caching.

If I have caching enabled then everything works fine at first glance but the data does not update when the action is closed and opened again.

When I add caching: false - that action won’t be invoked at all by the Google actions console

Here is how it is in my config file:

cms: {
GoogleSheetsCMS: {
spreadsheetId: spreadsheetID,
access: ‘private’,
credentialsFile: ‘./credentials/google-sheets.json’,
sheets: [
name: ‘responses’,
type: ‘Responses’,
name: ‘hours’,
type: ‘ObjectArray’,
range: ‘A:B’,

  caching: false


The spreadsheetID is defined as a global variable further up the code.

Any ideas what’s going wrong? It’s driving me crazy!



The data is cached as long as the Lambda function is “warm,” which can be for up to 15 minutes. When a new Lambda instance is started, the new data is retrieved from the spreadsheet. More here:

Hmm, interesting. Are you getting any error logs?


Hi Jan - thanks for answering. I did find something in the logs but I have discovered that the fault is being caused by the Appscript I’m running in the Google Sheet rather than anything to do with Jovo caching.

Explains why caching was giving me a result but not updating and why with no caching the action wouldnt start.

Apologies and really lookig forward to getting stuck in to Jovi 3!

Keep up the excellent work!


Thanks for clarifying! Closing this now

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