Cannot retrieve access token for Alexa Proactive Events



Hello, all.

I am trying to set up notifications for an Alexa Skill using the Proactive Events API and came across difficulty in retrieving an access token. I followed the demonstrated usage of the method this.$alexaSkill.$proactiveEvent.getAccessToken but unfortunately did not have any luck in getting the token.

I already made sure to set up the necessary permissions such as changes to the manifest, and I confirmed that my client ID and secret were sent accurately.

Could there possibly be any updates to Amazon that may have changed the process of getting a Proactive Events API access token? Thank you.


Hi @Mete, quick question: where are you testing the Alexa Skill?


Hello, @jan. I was testing it with a personal Alexa device. Fortunately, I managed to resolve the issue recently - I found out that the skills.json file was not actually deployed after noticing that I didn’t see any notifications permissions on my Skill’s settings menu. After rectifying this (by running the Jovo build and deploy commands again, separately too for good measure), I was able to retrieve access tokens consistently.

Appreciate the response! Hopefully not going to run into any further issues in implementing Proactive Events but will make sure to set up a separate post for clarity if anything comes up.


That’s great to hear, thanks for the update!