Composing SSML snippets is just like writing Wikitext



Hello, Jovans,

We have released wiki2ssml as yet another solution for generating SSML snippets.

It provides a lightweight but expressive markup language called WikiVoice, used by voice editors for fine-tuning synthesised speech while editing raw scripts.

Feedback, contribution and PRs are all welcome: repo.

Happy new year!


Have you checked out Speech Markdown?

And the Jovo Plugin?

Check it out.



Yes, Mark. The markdown-based way is definitely interesting and we have found other solutions like SSMD for JavaScript and SSMD for Ruby.

Wiki2ssml is focused on the editorial experience desired by for example news article editors or script editors. They want to see self-descriptive markups rather than markdowns with latent semantics and at the same time leverage vendor-specific SSML extensions, which may or may not be merged into the standard specification. So synthesised speech from different voice providers can be concatenated or mixed down in the final product.