Continuing development after Amazon release



My Alexa skill is up and running. The developer console shows the “Live” and “In Dev” versions as separate skills. Great!

Now I want to get the In Dev version pointed back to my local Jovo3 webhook. In theory this should just be a matter of setting its Endpoint to the webhook URI, then going to the test tab and turning test on for Development, right?

That isn’t working; when test is set to development, Alexa replies with “I can’t connect to the selected skill.” Note that this isn’t the Jovo message for webhook-not-running, it’s Alexa not getting a response from the webhook.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is the v3 webhook bridge down?

(Just FYI, not Jovo’s problem: It looks like Amazon doesn’t currently have an easy way to clone lambda configurations to create dev copies; apparently I have to manually create the dev lambda, upload the code, and then manually copy over all my configuration parameters from timeouts to environment variables to whatever. I’m sorta surprised; it would seem a near-universal development need…)


That usually works for me. Have you tried changing the invocation name in the dev version and trying to invoke that one?


Was probably user error; I was pretty tangled yesterday for some reason.