Conversational Actions Location Permission Deployment Error



I want to access the users location like described here:

It is working if I do it in the browser. But it gets overwritten for each model deployment. Therefore I added a scene to in my model which looks good in the browser.

But the model deployment will always result in google sending me a “already granted” statement without adding the location in the request (like it did in the approach before). After debugging some time I found out that the only difference are two spaces added when deploying via jovo (see screenshot arrows). @AlexSwe @Max is there a issue with the jovo deployment or are these templates set by google?


Hey @Andre,

can you show me an example of your Language model with which you build and deploy?


yes @rubenaeg here is my scene I deploy in the custom google part of the model:
custom: {
scenes: {
GetLocationPermission: {
conditionalEvents: [
condition: ‘scene.slots.status == “FINAL”’,
handler: {
webhookHandler: ‘Jovo’,
slots: [
commitBehavior: {
writeSessionParam: ‘deviceLoc’,
name: ‘deviceLoc’,
required: true,
type: {
name: ‘actions.type.Permission’,