Could not find the route "NextIntent" in your handler function



I was trying Podcast example and followed all steps but I am having trouble on step 5, where it add NextIntent and PreviousIntent. I am getting below exception, my en-US.json have intent but still get this error.

strong text


When i tried template of podcast i get similar error but for fetching value from episodes.


When i run my code on Alexa everything is fine, it looks like issue is only when i am using Jovo debugger. Any clue what could be wrong?

Jovo debugging in Visual Studio


I couldn’t reproduce both errors. Could you provide the steps to reproduce them?


Thanks Kaan,
It seems like when we run in Alexa it get response, but with debugger it doesn’t and that’s why it throws undefined error.

I have another question, when I am making changes to Podcast example, launch always go to First Episode, even though the words I am using are from different phrase. Is there any place where it is set that default intent after launch is FirstEpisode.