[Course] Project 1: Hello World


Great to have you here! We're happy that you're interested in learning more about Alexa Skill and Google Action development. In this course, we're going to use the Jovo Framework to build a very simple voice application and learn the basics of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant along the way. Let's do this.

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This tutorial worked great and I was able to get both Amazon and Google (almost) working in under 1 hour.

However there are 2 issues I had with it.

1) Testing from DialogFlow did not work for me.

I can see that the webhook is working as expected and the request is coming to my local machine. However, it has the following output in the terminal:

  Error -----------------------------------------------------------------
  Can't handle request object.
  Error: Can't handle request object.
      at App.handle (/Users/dustinbahr/Developer/Jovo/HelloWorld/node_modules/jovo-core/src/BaseApp.ts:197:23)
      at <anonymous>
      at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:188:7)
  Please add an integration that handles that type of request.

2) I wish the tutorial would go one step further and describe how to test out the Action on an actual Google Home (or other) device.

Jovo is my first experience with voice apps at all, and the rest of the tutorial was geared very much toward beginners, which was great! But not being able to see it actually work on a real device was disappointing.


I should also mention that when I tested through the Actions on Google simulator everything worked as intended. Testing within the DialogFlow console is what failed.


After a little poking around, I determined that I could give the Action an invocation name in Actions on Google under Setup > Invocation. Then, using that name, I could already use the Action on my Google Home that is logged into the same Google account.


hi, i cant find Google under Setup > Invocation :confused:
my endpoint work for alexa body only, the google body request return Can’t handle request object.


i ran into the same problem. Alexa working fine, but google action not.
… any update on this?


Is there any update on this??
I am getting the same error “Can’t handle request object” when I use the dialogflow console?

Have you found a solution yet?


the documentation is insufficient and the forum seams dead to me. we droped the testflight with jovo. :frowning:


hi @ThomasEcherer, we’re currently working on updating the basic tutorials.

we also have a lot of videos online that should be helpful: