[Course] Project 3: Build a Podcast Player


Welcome to our third project-based course about voice app development. In previous courses, we already learned some of the basics of building Alexa Skills and Google Actions. After an initial setup in Project 1: Hello World, we looked at some more advanced routing in Project 2: Adventure Game.

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Another great tutorial! :smile:

Here are a few minor things I noticed

  • Some of the example track URLs are missing .mp3 which causes them to fail to play.

  • The line explaining offset has an inaccurate conversion from milliseconds to seconds.

  • "AMAZON.StopIntent": "CancelIntent" should be "AMAZON.StopIntent": "AMAZON.CancelIntent"

Jovo Debugger doesn’t work as intended for Google Assistant

When I test the code at the end of Step 2 in the debugger as Google Assistant, when the first track ends, the LAUNCH intent is triggered instead of the GoogleAction.Finished intent. So, the next track does not play. Instead the action restarts.

When I test in the Actions on Google simulator at the end of Step 3, it DOES go to the next track as expected, however, instead of just Enjoy, it responds with: EnjoySorry, something went wrong. When you're ready, give it another try.

Alexa Playback Finished Inconsistent

Testing on alexa device triggers AUDIOPLAYER.AlexaSkill.PlaybackFinished

Testing on Jovo Debugger triggers AUDIOPLAYER.AlexaSkill.Finished

Testing Previous doesn’t work on Google Home Hub device or Action on Google Simulator with Smart Screen selected

Testing on Actions on Google Simulator with Phone selected works as expected when saying “previous”. However, in Smart Screen mode it gives this error:

You cannot use standard Google Assistant features in the Simulator. If you want to try them, use Google Assistant on your phone or other compatible devices.

When trying on Google Home Hub device, no intent is reported in the logs or jovo debugger, but the current audio track restarts.

Oddly, saying “next” works as expected. However, this seems to be because GoogleAction.Finished is triggered, NOT NextIntent.


@curiousdustin since you mentioned it, I am having issues with AMAZON.CancelIntent, changed the mapping config as suggested above by nothing seem to work, also stop and pause in jovo debuger do not work. you still having such issues?

Thank you


No, the above change fixed the cancel behavior for me.