Create a share button for an image




Do you guys know how to create a share button for an image in GAssistant?

My action shows up an image and I´d like to add a share button for users to spread it over Whatsapp, Facebook or any other app available.

Ps.: Now I´m using a card with a button linking to image URL, but it´s not easy for user to save the image, then share it.

Thank you!!!



I looked for something similar but didn’t find anything. In the end we had the idea we could create a website, that contained the image and then social buttons there to share. So the action just shared the url which the user clicked on their phone.

Did you find another solution?



Hi John! Thank you so much for you time…

Yeah, I have had the same idea and did it once I couldn´t find another way to do. But it´s working fine.

Thank you again!
Rodrigo Rubini