Dashbot + UserID



Hi guys…
I´m using Dashbot for analytics but the returning users aren´t working as expected and checking for their docs I found that we must send ‘dashbotUser":{“userId”:“USER123”}’ in the ‘userStorage’.
Do you khow how to fix it?


Hi @rrubini, is this problem only happening with one platform specifically? Google Assistant?


Hi @jan, yes. For this project we are only using GAssistant.

I had a chat with Dashbot guys and they asked if the following ID is related to JovoID:
“userVerificationStatus”: “VERIFIED”
“userStorage”: "{“userId”:“481f4be6-c3d2-4e51-b484-6acfe…”
“lastSeen”: “2020-08-19T20:19:21Z”
“locale”: “pt-BR”

I said yes, and they are going to consider this information to track returning users!
That´s the JovoID right, I´m correct? :slight_smile:


Hi @rrubini, yes, this is a webhook-generated user ID, learn more here: https://www.jovo.tech/marketplace/jovo-platform-googleassistant/data-permissions#user-id

Also, see the discussion here: How is Jovo Affected by Deprecation of Google userId Request Field?


Hey @rrubini

I updated the Dashbot plugin and added the dashbotUser to the userStorage

 userStorage.dashbotUser = {
       userId: handleRequest.jovo.$user.getId()

I see the new object in the response json in my terminal, but I can’t see it in the json view on Dashbot. Will publish the update later. Let me know if it works.