Deploy on DialogFlow using v4



Hi everybody,
I’m trying to deploy my jovo code into Dialogflow, I do this:

jovo deploy:platform googleAssistant            
jovo deploy:platform: Deploy to the specified platform's developer console
  >> Learn more:

πŸš€ Deploying Conversational Action
  βœ” Pushing project files
    WARN Validation errors occured
      Locale  Validation Result
                App category is required
        it      Short description is required
        it      Long description is required
        it      Small square image is required
        it      Publisher email is required
        it      Developer name is required
        it      Privacy URL is required
πŸŽ‰ Platform deployment completed.

But anything change in DialogFlow.
How can I deploy on Dialogflow in v4? @AlexSwe


v4 does not support Google Actions using Dialogflow.

The deploy:platform googleAssistant command deploys your project to the Actions on Google Console. This also includes the language model. There is no need to use Dialogflow anymore for Google Actions. The Google Assistant team also encourages people using the new Conversational Actions instead of Dialogflow


Hi @jan,
so is it possible integrate Dialogflow in jovo v4 project?


It’s not officially supported at the moment, but it’s possible build your own integration