Deploying only lambda


Greetings all!

So, i finally got my first developed skill certified(HOORAY!), BUT!! we noticed it’s necessary to make an update, a non intent or model related update.

Is it possible to deploy with jovo without touching the recently certified skill? I read and heard something about deploying only lambda with jovo, but i want to be sure i am doing what i am supposed to be doing to accomplish this.

So, to accomplish this i would have to run the following commands?:

jovo build --stage prod --ask-profile PROFILE1

jovo deploy --stage prod --target lambda --ask-profile PROFILE1

Would these commands build the skill and then deploy ONLY the code to lambda?? without touching the skill in the ask developer console???

Would this guarantee the recently certified skill remains certified?

Greetings and thanks for your help.


Yes, --target lambda would only deploy to Lambda.

You can also add this to your project.js, e.g. inside the prod stage (this feature is kind of new and not documented yet):

deploy: {
    target: [

Yes, this is always guaranteed. Even if you made an update to the live Skill’s language model, this would only update the In Development version of it in the Alexa Skill Developer Console. You’d have to resubmit for certification for the changes to take effect.


Great!! Thanks for your help @jan