Dialogflow @sys.any



Hi everybody,
I have a problem in my DialogFlow project. I’m trying to Restore my project importing a zip file obtained via the command jovo build -p googleAction --deploy.
Unfortunately DialogFlow answer me with this error:

Entity display name 'sys.any' is not valid, it may contain only the following: 
A-Z, a-z, 0-9, _ (underscore), - (dash). And it should start with a letter.

How can I use the entity type @sys.any?


It’s broken. Jovo know about it and it’s on the list for them to fix. It’s the same with date and time.

The advised manual fix by @jan is to delete it from your platform folder before you do a restore.


Having similar problems with @sys.number and @sys.date.

Deleting the files, re-zipping, and restoring from that seemed to work, maybe. Haven’t tested yet.


Yes, sorry, seems like this is becoming a bigger issue. Will fix this asap!