Different invocation phrases



I wanted to know how to create a different action on a invocation phrase, with Alexa and google assistance.

Let me explain:

When I say open hello world Alexa open the application and say hello world.
And if I say ask hello world to ask me my name he asks me my name.

thank you for your time used !


Could you explain a little more what you’re trying to achieve?

Typically, every global (= stateless) intent in your handler is also accessible via deep invocations. However, it’s only possible to use one invocation name (open X, ask X for Y) per app.



I think it’s more understanding with this picture

“Alexa, lance Skyrock”
“Alexa, lance Skyrock Live”

2 different actions in an application


It’s good for Alexa it’s automatic perfect, but with google assistance someone knows how to do ?


Take a look here: https://developers.google.com/actions/discovery/implicit#view_invocation_phrases


Thank you :slight_smile:


You know how to go through jovo directly ?