[Docs] Alexa AudioPlayer Skills


Learn more about how to build Alexa AudioPlayer Skills with the Jovo Framework.

AudioPlayer Skills can be used to stream long-form audio files like music or podcasts. The audio file must be hosted at an Internet-accessible HTTPS endpoint. The supported formats for the audio file include AAC/MP4, MP3, and HLS. Bitrates: 16kbps to 384 kbps. More information can be found here at the official reference by Amazon.

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Hi, can I add lyrics to the music? Like the one is see when playing songs with amazon unlimited. I know I can display text, but how do I sync a text with the sound?


Hi @frienerVogle,

as far as I know this is not yet possible. You could achieve this with APL and the delay property for APL commands by showing the respective subtitle in the right time slot, however I would not recommend this, as it can be very complicated and tedious to time it right.


Yeah, I think the Skill that we tested here uses an embedded video: