[Docs] Alexa Skill Data


Learn more about how to get access to user information.

User information is mainly used to offer a more personalized expierence, but you can't access it right away. First you have to ask for permission.

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Unable to get country and postal code using the following :

try {
                    const countryAndPostalCode = await this.$alexaSkill.$user.getCountryAndPostalCode();
                    countryCode = countryAndPostalCode.countryCode;
                catch(error) {
                    if (error.code === 'NO_USER_PERMISSION') {
                            .tell(`Please grant access to your Country and Postal Code in the Alexa app.`);
                    else {
                        // console.log(error.code);
                        return this.tell('Something is wrong with me, please contact the manager');

I have set the relevant permissions in skill.json and also given proper permission to the skill while using it.
The console.log statements in the try block above prints :


I need urgent help with this.


Does your Amazon account, you are testing with, have the information about postal code and country code?