[Docs] Alexa Skill Events


Learn more about how to use Skill Events with the Jovo Framework.

Skill Events can be used to notify you if a certain event occurs, which range from the customer disabling your Skill to them linking their account using the Alexa app. The notification comes in form of a request to your Skill.

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Are the new Reminder Events handled by ON_EVENT?

  • Reminders.ReminderStarted
  • Reminders.ReminderCreated
  • Reminders.ReminderDeleted
  • Reminders.ReminderUpdated
  • Reminders.ReminderStatusChanged


@AlexSwe @jan

I am needing this feature for a skill I am currently working on.

Please advise.



Looks like I should use ON_REMINDER_EVENT

    'Reminders.ReminderDeleted'() {
      const eventBody = this.$alexaSkill.getSkillEventBody();

      console.log('onReminderEventHandlers ---> Reminders.ReminderDeleted');
      console.log(`UserId: ${this.getUserId()}`);
      console.log(`Body: ${JSON.stringify(eventBody)}`);

      // CAN I DO THIS?
      delete this.$user.$data.myKey;

Can I delete a user data key and have it be removed from the DynamoDB table entry’s userData?


Yes, ON_REMINDER_EVENT is the handler you should use.

Not sure if your approach is working, but this one should.
this.$user.$data.myKey = undefined;