[Docs] Alexa Visual Output


Learn more about how to build Alexa Skills with visual output using the Jovo Framework.

Visual output is used to describe or enhance the voice interaction. This ranges from simple cards, Echo Show and Echo Spot Display Templates to displaying a video.

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I’ve been able to incorporate Alexa Visual Output to an Echo Show device using both the legacy templateBuilder and the newer APL. However, I have an issue that I have not yet found a solution for. I have a skill that has quite a bit of text - so much, that it scrolls off the bottom of the Echo Show device. While the text is presented to the user, the text is also being read. This all works fine until I touch the screen. As soon as I touch the screen the audio stops. Does anybody know a way to allow the user to scroll without interrupting the text being read? Note: the text is coming from a Jovo this.ask call, not an audioplayer. Thanks for any advice…