[Docs] Google Action Data


Learn more about how to get access to user information.

User information is mainly used to offer a more personalized experience, but you can't access it right away. First you have to ask for permission.

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I need user’s location and tried the following :

async LocationIntent() {

        if (this.$googleAction.isPermissionGranted()) {
            if (this.$googleAction.$user.hasPermission('DEVICE_PRECISE_LOCATION')) {
                let device = this.$googleAction.getDevice();
                return this.toIntent('HomeIntent');
            else {
                return this.tell('Please provide correct permissions to move ahead');
        else {
            this.tell('Alright, maybe next time');

This is working perfectly on the test console as well as the Google Assistant App on android phone but when I try it on a Google Nest Hub, it straight away goes to the ‘Alright, maybe next time’. That is without asking the user for permission it takes no as an answer.

I am using the same google account on every device to test.
Anyone done this before?


Could you provide the full request json?