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In this section, you will learn how to build voice applications that support multiple languages.

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The i18n is actually not working for me. I tried out everything. Even with the example template “Travia” the translations do not work. Dear Jovo Team can you please fix this or mention this issue in your docs.


Hi. What kind of error are you getting?


Hi Jan. Unfortunately there is no error message. The text is simply not translated. The final output is the key of the text. Even if i use “this.t()” or “this.$speech.t()” or “this.$speech.addT()”. Or using a SpeechBuilder Instance to create a text. The i18n Json files are in src/i18n/de-DE.json. I checked the docs many times.


Could you paste the incoming request? Is it also in de-DE?




* "version": "1.0",
* -

"session": {
  * "new": true,
  * "sessionId": "amzn1.echo-api.session.XXXXXXXXXXXXX",
  * -

"application": {
    * "applicationId": "amzn1.echo-sdk-ams.app.XXXXXXXXX"},
  * "attributes": { },
  * -

"user": {
    * "userId": "jovo-debugger-user"}},
* -

"context": {
  * -

"System": {
    * -

"application": {
      * "applicationId": "amzn1.echo-sdk-ams.app.XXXXXXXXXX"},
    * -

"user": {
      * "userId": "jovo-debugger-user"},
    * -

"device": {
      * "deviceId": "amzn1.ask.device.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX",
      * -

"supportedInterfaces": {
        * "AudioPlayer": { },
        * -

"Display": {
          * "templateVersion": "1.0",
          * "markupVersion": "1.0"},
        * "VideoApp": { },
        * -

"Alexa.Presentation.APL": {
          * -

"runtime": {
            * "maxVersion": "1.0"}}}}},
  * -

"AudioPlayer": {
    * "offsetInMilliseconds": 0,
    * "playerActivity": "IDLE"}},
* -

"request": {
  * "type": "LaunchRequest",
  * "requestId": "amzn1.echo-api.request.XXXXXXXXXXXX",
  * "timestamp": "2020-02-12T14:44:46.690Z",
  * "locale": "de-DE"}



I found a solution for this problem. My Json Files “de-DE.json” are stored in “/src/i18n/”. This seems to be the wrong place. I defined a alternative file path in config.ts. And converted the json files to ts files.

i18n: {
    resources: {
      "de-DE": require("./i18n/de-DE")
    debug: true

Now its working. The docs are little bit confusing at this point.


How to use i18n randomizer with Google Sheets?


Hi @Mistic92, you can create as many rows you want with the same key. Duplicates are turned into arrays by the integration


Hi, when I have added 4 rows with “WELCOME” as key and used this by this.t(“WELCOME”) result was all values separated by comma.


Are you using the SpeechBuilder? The randomized output feature is part of it: https://www.jovo.tech/docs/output/speechbuilder#randomized-output




Yep, using SpeechBuilder it’s working :slight_smile: Thanks



I wanted to put a note which I found useful when I tried to use the i18n in jovo typescript.
To make the i18n default to work , we also need to copy the i18n folder to dist folder.

Though in tsconfig.json, we have enabled resolveJsonModule: true but we also need to include “./src/**/*.json”. Then only when I ran ‘npm run tsc’ it copied the i18n/en-US.json file to dist folder. Hope it would be useful.

“include”: [