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Learn about different options to install the Jovo Framework and Jovo CLI.

For a step-by-step introduction, see our quickstart guide.

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I installed jovo-cli globally using the command npm install -g jovo-cli

And to verify the install, ran the jovo -V command, got the command not found error. PFA the snapshot.


Hi there, does this help?

Or this:


I try to get things going using jovo behind a Zscaler proxy. When I use the command jovo new testproject I get an certification error:

I tried to define my proxy within ~/.npmrc but without success.
Can anyone help?
Thank you very much!


Not sure about this specific error, but you can also download the template from this GitHub repository:


The part “Downloading and extracting”, where it fails, isn’t handled by npm. The proxy settings won’t help here. You could try to set the HTTPS_PROXY or HTTP_PROXY enviroment variables

I would also recommend using the templates from the repository.

In fact that there are a few API calls in the workflow, which will be blocked by the proxy, you may run into other problems. Let me know where it fails.