[Docs] Jovo Language Model


In this section, you will learn more about the Jovo Language Model, found in the /models folder of your project. It can be used to created platform specific language models with the Jovo CLI.

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Why does the Jovo app need a language model if there is already one built when you set up the interaction model on the Amazon Developer Platform. For example, the HelloWorld sample project contains an interaction model different than the one set up in the corresponding jovo tutorial. Which language model is used? How is it used? And for what reason is it needed?

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The language model that you define on your alexa console is the one used by your skill, but you can import that into your jovo app by using jovo get and then make changes in that model (model/en-IN.json).
That step is optional, you maintain your language model completely on the Alexa console and just use jovo for logic or can use jovo for everything. In the second case you will need to use commands such as jovo get, jovo build and jovo deploy (their documentations can provide further assistance)