[Docs] project.js - Project Configuration


The project.js is an essential file that stores a lot of important project information that is used for deployment.

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I believe there is a mistake here which causes a Build error:

Under Add Intents and Inputs:
‘samples’ should actually be ‘phrases’


Also, Im getting an error where if you have a number of locales specified in the nlu block (eg en -> en-GB, en-US etc), AND you add additional stage-specific intents, such as the WhatEnvIntent example here, it will add an instance of the intent for each locale that you are mapping. So as I’m mapping en to five different locales, I have five identical versions of the WhatEnvIntent in my Alexa language model.

Anyone know a workaround or fix for this, or what I’m doing wrong? I’ve tried putitng the nlu block under the relevant Stage block but that’s returning a build error