DynamoDB The provided key element does not match the schema


I am using different stages
local - webhook, FileDb
dev - lambda, DynamoDb
prod - lambda, DynamoDb

When i upload the code in aws lambda and test the function, i have got an error message
"ValidationException: The provided key element does not match the schema"
Please help me,


Does it work for any of these stages on lambda (dev, prod)
Do you have a different setup for those stages?


There are 4 config files: dev, prod, local and default.
In the project.js in stages there are loca, dev and prod. And my environnent variable in aws is NODE_ENV = dev


Did you set up the DynamoDB table yourself or was it created by the app?


Yes, in aws DynamoDB I have a table and in config jovo i put the aws keys


The Jovo DynamoDB plugin creates a table automatically if there is no table with the name defined in tableName. If you created the table manually there might be differences in the schema.

Could you let the voice app create a new DynamoDB table automatically?


Thanks very much it is working :slightly_smiling_face: