DynamodDB synchronize to FTP



I know it’s not part of jovo but I thought maybe someone could help me.

I would like to synchronize file names from an FTP to a DynamoDB.

Can someone help me?


instead using an FTP why do not you use S3?

In this case if you upload files to an S3 bucket you could fire a Lambda and write what you want in your DynamoDB.

Should be much easier.

Best Regards



Yes but it’s an external FTP.

In S3 you can take data of an external FTP every time ?


No s3 cannot directly but you could then write a little nodejs lambda that connects to your ftp. Read the files and write them on dynamo


Ah yes ok thank you !


No problems,
I have used this in the past to connect to ftps:

and it works well in a lambda.

let me know if you need more help with this


Ok I will see that :slight_smile:


it’s good I can download but i don’t find how take only the name and recover only some


Maybe for you thisone is better


Yes good :slight_smile:


Does it solve your problem?


Yes I’m doing the script for the moment everything is fine !