Equivalent for AMAZON.YesIntent for Google Action


I’ve finally ported my Alexa skill to Jovo, now i’m doing my first steps into the Google Action world.

Are there any Google equivalents for AMAZON.YesIntent/NoIntent and similar?

Do i just create new intents that mimic the Alexa intents? How can in achieve that this would only happen on one platform? Because if i’d implement the same intent for Alexa, they would collide with the built-in intents (and potentially even fail certification because of that).


Here’s a copy-paste example of what you could do:

	"name": "YesIntent",
	"alexa": {
		"name": "AMAZON.YesIntent"
	"phrases": [
		"yes please",

From here:



BTW: The name “NoIntent” is used for both “CancelIntent” and “NoIntent”.


One issue: When i add “StopIntent.json”, the build process fails (" -> alexaIntentObj.samples is not iterable").

Experimentally i found out that the missing “phrases” property is the problem.