Error handling on audioPlayer


I’m building an audioPlayer app. If I provide a bad URL to the audioPlayer, it doesn’t throw an error within the console, but Alexa says ‘there was a problem with the requested skill’s response’ and quits. How can I catch this error so I can handle the response appropriately and prevent the session ending? I can see the error in the request (see below), I’m just not sure how to catch it before it terminates the skill.:

	"request": {
	"type": "SessionEndedRequest",
	"requestId": "amzn1.echo-api.request.30df22fe-8b86-44f0-9acc-bbfcd6cdc6bb",
	"timestamp": "2019-10-15T11:22:06Z",
	"locale": "en-GB",
	"reason": "ERROR",
	"error": {
		"message": "The URL specified in the Play directive is invalid"




Hey @tom

You can clean up stuff in END() but you can’t use ask or tell on a SessionEndedRequest :frowning:


Thanks Alex. So I can’t catch it before END to say something like “that was a bad URL, give me a different one” ?


Unfortunately not :confused: