Exit won't stop playing audio



Hi, I am playing audio through jovo on my amazon echo and it works fine when I say stop but the audio keeps playing on exit command
Here is what I have tried so far

  • Put exit in the utterances of stop intent
  • make an exit intent and stop the audio from there
  • stop the audio in unhandled intent
    Console.log shows saying exit doesn’t bring the skill to any of these intent handles


Hi @ateeq24, welcome to the Jovo Community :wave:

What request are you getting when you say exit? Can you paste the full JSON here?


Hi, thanks for replying. I am actually not getting any response on exit. ON_REQUEST prints the JSON for all requests except exit.


Hm, if no request is reaching the endpoint, it seems to be an Alexa related problem, nothing that can be done code-wise.

I always thought “exit” is a system-wide utterance, similar to “quit”, which just stops the Skill without sending a request to the endpoint.


Yeah I also don’t see any workaround, loved the upfront support, thanks


Hm, on “Alexa, exit” you should get the SessionEndedRequest (USER_INITIATED)

 "request": {
                "type": "SessionEndedRequest",
                "requestId": "amzn1.echo-api.request.b936ab8d-41d3-48e6-acf9-1ea92daf92ce",
                "timestamp": "2019-11-01T17:27:57Z",
                "locale": "en-US",
                "reason": "USER_INITIATED"


In another Alexa skill which is not based on Jovo, I am getting this in SessionEndedRequest but not in the one based on Jovo