First time invocation failed


I have stange issue, when i start first time invocation, it’s fail.
i restart again in few second, it success.
i check log and see this. but dont get what happen.

log :

code :


This seems like an async issue.

I suggest creating a function that does the parsing, and then calling it with await from your handlers. This way, you can make sure that the data is retrieved before the response is returned


hum, i dont know how.
but when try in local, it’s work fine.
how is possible ?



if i follow this

my var will not be global, so all Intent need call many time function


You can store it into the Jovo app object: this.$app.$data.weektitre = ...


    if(typeof this.$app.$data.weekTitre === 'undefined') {
        this.$app.$data.weekTitre = await getPodcastData();

Learn more about app data and different data types here:


it’s seems now ok
big thanks for your help