Get GoogleAction Required authentication


I’m trying to use the command:
jovo get googleAction --project-id myDialogFlowProjectID

but I’m receiving this message: [ERR] Request is missing required authentication credential. Expected OAuth 2 access token, login cookie or other valid authentication credential. See

In this case, How Can I use the authentication to get the googleAction?


You can follow the tutorial here:


Thanks Jan for your answer…
I installed the gcloud in my OS and after that I added the code in project.js
dialogflow: { projectId: '', keyFile: '' }
and run the commandjovo get googleAction --platform myDialogFlowProjectID

but now I run the build command and I’m receiving the error: [ERR] Data does not match any schemas from "anyOf"

Do you have some idea?

The Complete error:

$ jovo build

 jovo build: Build platform-specific language models based on jovo models folder.
   >> Learn more:

  > Initializing build process...
    √ Collecting platform configuration from project.js.
      Platforms: alexaSkill, googleAction
    √ Collecting Jovo language model files from ./models folder.
      Locales: pt-BR
    > Validating model files.
      × pt-BR
    Updating Alexa Skill project files
   Path: ./platforms/alexaSkill
    Updating Google Action project files
   Path: ./platforms/googleAction
 »   Error: There was a problem:
 »   [ERR] Data does not match any schemas from "anyOf"
 »   Module:   jovo-cli


Maybe @rubenaeg can take a look, he’s our CLI expert


Cool, thanks @jan
I’m trying here, the jovo was a good ideia, it’s awesome!


Hey @diogo.soares,

could you please show me your Jovo CLI version (by using jovo -v) and your project.js?

jovo -v

Jovo CLI Version: 3.0.28

Jovo packages of current project:
  jovo-cli-core: 3.0.8
  jovo-cli-platform-alexa: 3.0.16
  jovo-cli-platform-google: 3.0.12
  jovo-config: 0.1.0
  jovo-core: 3.1.4
  jovo-db-filedb: 3.1.4
  jovo-framework: 3.1.4
  jovo-model: 3.0.0
  jovo-model-alexa: 3.0.1
  jovo-model-dialogflow: 3.0.1
  jovo-platform-alexa: 3.1.4
  jovo-platform-dialogflow: 3.1.4
  jovo-platform-googleassistant: 3.1.4
  jovo-plugin-debugger: 3.1.4
  jovo-webhook-connector: 3.0.5


module.exports = {
  alexaSkill: {
    nlu: 'alexa',
  googleAction: {
    nlu: 'dialogflow',
    dialogflow: {
      projectId: 'myDialogFlowProjectID',
      keyFile: './key.json'
  endpoint: '${JOVO_WEBHOOK_URL}',

I removed the second object from dialogFlow intents and now is show me another error:

"dialogflow": {
		"intents": [
				"webhookUsed": true,
				"fallbackIntent": true,
				"auto": true,
				"name": "Default Fallback Intent"
				"webhookUsed": true,
				"events": [
						"name": "WELCOME"
				"name": "Default Welcome Intent"

$ jovo build
[ERR] alexaIntentObj.samples is not iterable

What do you think about @rubenaeg


Hm… I’m not sure, I’ve never seen this error before… could you also post your language model, so I can try to reproduce it?


I think can be the converter, for example if I do a --converter from alexa to dialogflow is work but if I do from dialogflow to alexa isn’t work. I believe that there are mistakes in to convert the samples[] and names.
In this case I have a dialogflow configured with webhooks and parameters and when I get the dialogflow entities and intents, I try to reverse to alexa but isn’t working because the my dialogflow structure is more advanced.