Getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND aws rds proxy



Hi all,
I have this error everytime i try to LAUNCH my application from the Jovo debugger:

Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND
at PromisePool.query ...

But when i try the same JSON request into AWS console or Google Action console, it works fine.
The code is simple, it only triggers an intent in which the first operation is a query to my RDS db.
Do you have any suggestions? Could it be about aws security group rules?


Yes, could be an IAM issue.

Is your RDS accessible from outside?


Hi @AlexSwe thanks for the answer!
It is public accessible.
Right now I’m searching in AWS documentation and I’ve found this:

Instead of “nc” i’ve used “telnet”, but i can’t establish a connection. This makes me think that I can connect to the proxy only from the Lambda function, that is in the same VPC of the proxy. On the other hand, when i send a request from Jovo debugger (outside VPC), i can’t connect. So the problem could be related to the proxy itself and VPC.
Could it be a good reasoning?


I haven’t worked with rds proxies yet. But this seems to be the issue here


I confirm this is the solution. I removed the proxy and established the connection directly to the db, so the debugger works fine! :smiley: