Getting issue JOVO ERROR MatchingRouteNotFoundError




I have used another component intent but not working and showing an error JOVO ERROR MatchingRouteNotFoundError, I have used return this.$redirect(searchComponent) but still not able to use the search component handle intent.
I have read this document for routing
Not found any solution anywhere. How to use the route in jovo v4.
Please help
Thank You


Can you paste the full error log?

Also, did you register your searchComponent like explained here?


Hello @jan
Thanks for reply,

Yes, I have added components inside app.ts.

Error log:
JOVO ERROR MatchingRouteNotFoundError

No matching route was found for the request.

input: JovoInput {
type: ‘TEXT’,
text: ‘search tomato soup’,
nlu: { intent: [Object], entities: [Object], raw: [Object] }
state: [ { component: ‘searchComponent’ } ],
matches: undefined,
request: CoreRequest {
version: ‘4.0’,
platform: ‘jovo-debugger’,
id: ‘dbbd88dd-88e9-4528-946c-e690e07bb641’,
timestamp: ‘2022-03-30T12:35:08.046Z’,
timeZone: ‘Asia/Calcutta’,
locale: ‘en’,
input: { type: ‘TEXT’, text: ‘search tomato soup’ },
context: { device: [Object], session: [Object], user: [Object] }

const app = new App({
components: [launchComponent, searchComponent, GlobalComponent, LoveHatePizzaComponent],
plugins: [
new AlexaPlatform({
// Alexa Config
‘AMAZON.StopIntent’: ‘END’,
‘AMAZON.CancelIntent’: ‘END’,
‘StopIntent’: ‘END’,
new GoogleAssistantPlatform(),
new JovoDebugger({
// nlu: new NlpjsNlu(),
webhookUrl: ‘’,
debuggerConfigPath: ‘./jovo.debugger.js’,
modelsPath: ‘./models’,
ignoredProperties: [’$app’, ‘$handleRequest’, ‘$platform’],


Ah, seems like you’re trying to test an Alexa built-in intent in the Debugger, which doesn’t work. Learn more here:

I recommend testing interactions like this in the Alexa Developer console.


Hello @jan

No, I’m using normal intent, Please check below.
“invocation”: “my test”,
“intents”: [
“name”: “BuscaIntent”,
“phrases”: [
“search {search}”,

The same intent works in V3 on jovo debugger but on v4 jovo debugger does not work.

I have switched to another component using return this.$redirect(searchComponent);
After that type search tomato soup on jovo debugger. But getting the error above mentioned.

Search component
export class searchComponent extends BaseComponent {
async START() {
// @Handle({
// intents: [‘BuscaIntent’]
// })
async busca() {
this.$send({ message: ‘Do you like pizzassssss?’ });
let language = this.$[‘language’];
if(language === undefined){
language = getLanguage(this.$googleAssistant?.$;
this.$[‘language’] = language;
language = getLanguage(this.$alexa?.$;
this.$[‘language’] = language;

If somewhere I’m wrong please suggest.
Thank You


Seems like this doesn’t contain an entity type for {search}